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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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183 pages
6 x 9 inches
February 2005
Print ISBN: 9781551302591


Violence in the Family is a collection of original articles by practitioners and academics that focuses on family violence in rural and northern areas. Geography and attitudes figure centrally in many of these discussions, but more specific problem areas, including types of violence and intervention possibilities, are also discussed in practical and treatment-focused terms.

A complement to more general treatments of family violence, this collection, with its scrutiny of family violence in rural and northern areas only, is unique. Professors of social work and other disciplines will find this a valuable supplementary text in a wide variety of courses, such as child welfare, women's issues, direct practice, community work, public health, and social policy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Exploring Secondary Trauma in Sexual Assault Workers in Northern Ontario Locations: The Challenges of Working in the Northern Ontario Context - Diana Coholic and Karen Blackford

Chapter 2: Geographic Context and Northern Child Welfare Practice - Glen Schmidt

Chapter 3: Intra-familial Adolescent Sexual Offenders in Rural and Isolated Areas - Chantal Morrison-Lambert

Chapter 4: Sexual Abuse in Rural, Remote, and Small Communities - Michelle Aukema

Chapter 5: The Effects of a Time-Limited Group with Pre-Adolescent Girls Who Have Been Sexually Abused - Susan van Yzendoorn and Keith Brownlee

Chapter 6: Connecting Violence and Chemical Dependency with Female Addicts - Teresa Legowski

Chapter 7: Client Confidentiality, Anonymity, Facilitator Credibility, and Contamination in Rural Family Violence Self-Help Groups - Colleen Ginter

Chapter 8: Breaking the Connection between Traditional Masculinity and Violence: Toward a Context- and Gender-Sensitive Approach to Counselling Males - David Tranter

Chapter 9: Group Treatment in Northern Ontario for Men who Abuse Their Partners - Larry Cheblovic and Keith Brownlee

Chapter 10: Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Mixed-Gender Therapy Group - Darlen Olimb

Chapter 11: Police Responses to Family Violence in a Northern Community: Some Implications for Policy - Julie Woit, Keith Brownlee, Rod Brown, and Roger Delaney

Chapter 12: Historical and Social Influences on Violence in Aboriginal Families - Michelle Derosier and Raymond Neckoway

Chapter 13: Mino-Yaa-Daa: Healing Together - Cyndy Baskin

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