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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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250 pages
6 x 9 inches
February 2012
Print ISBN: 9780889614857


Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada explores why health care is a woman's issue and seeks to address gender equity in health services. Written by members of Women and Health Care Reform (WHCR), this collection establishes the importance of including gender in discussions and decisions surrounding health sector reform.

In twelve concise chapters, Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada addresses a wide range of issues, including obesity, maternity care, mental health of health care workers, and private health insurance. This thought-provoking collection is an essential read for students and researchers in the fields of women's studies, health sciences, sociology, and nursing, as well as for anyone who is looking for a new picture of health care in Canada.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Pat Armstrong

Chapter 1: Theory and Methods for Thinking Women – Beth Jackson
Chapter 2: Primary Health Care for Women in Canada – Ann Pederson and Anna Liwander
Chapter 3: Assembling the Evidence for Thinking Women – Beth Jackson, Ann Pederson, and Morgan Seeley
Chapter 4: Maternity Care, Margaret Haworth-Brockman – Barbara Clow, and Rachel Rapaport Beck
Chapter 5: Women, Aging, and Residential Long-Term Care – Morgan Seeley
Chapter 6: Caring at Home in Canada – Barbara Clow and Kristi Kemp
Chapter 7: Women’s Work in Health Care – Pat Armstrong
Chapter 8: The Mental Health of Women Health Care Workers – Pat Armstrong
Chapter 9: Woman-Defined Quality Care – Pat Armstrong, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Clow, Karen R. Grant, Nancy Guberman, Beth Jackson, Ann Pederson, and Kay Willson
Chapter 10: Women and Private Health Insurance – Alison Jenkins Jayman and Kay Willson
Chapter 11: Overweight, Obesity, and Health Care – Karen R. Grant
Chapter 12: An Unfinished Revolution – Pat Armstrong

Appendix: The Charlottetown Declaration on the Right to Care


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