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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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297 pages
6 x 9 inches
July 2009
Print ISBN: 9780889614789


In recent years, heated debate has surrounded the pharmaceutical industry and how it has gained unprecedented control over the evaluation, regulation, and promotion of its own products. As a result, drugs are produced, regulated, marketed, and used in ways that infiltrate many aspects of everyday life. The nature and extent of this infiltration, and how this has special meaning for women, are at the core of The Push to Prescribe.

This is an essential resource for a variety of courses in Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology, Public Policy, Public Health, Health Policy, Women's Studies, Women's Health, as well as many Social Science courses in areas like Sociology and Political Science. It will also be of interest to a general audience, health professional organizations, government health associations, and consumer and women's groups.

Table of Contents

Foreword - Nancy Olivieri

Chapter 1: Introduction - The Steering Committee of Women and Health Promotion

Part I: The Push to Prescribe: Who Defines What Drugs We Need and How Do They Do It?

Chapter 2: "Ask Your Doctor": Women and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising - Barbara Mintzes

Chapter 3: Preventing Disease: Are Pills the Answer? - Sharon Batt and Abby Lippman

Chapter 4: Who Pays the Piper? Industry Funding of Patients' Groups - Sharon Batt

Part II: The Canadian Drug Regulatory Process

Chapter 5: Trials on Trial: Women and the Testing of Drugs - Abby Lippman

Chapter 6: Lifting the Curtain on the Drug Approval Process - Ann Silversides

Chapter 7: Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions: What Happens in the Real World? - Colleen Fuller

Chapter 8: Questioning Modernization: Legislative Change at Health Canada - Anne Rochon Ford

Chapter 9: Full Circle: Drugs, the Environment, and Our Health - Sharon Batt

Chapter 10: Finding a way Forward - The Steering Committee of Women and Health Protection

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