Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Women’s Press,Canadian Scholars
263 pages
6 x 9 inches
January 2012
Print ISBN: 9781894549219


This collection of seventeen essays presents original and critical perspectives from writers, scholars and activists on issues that are pertinent to Aboriginal women and their communities in both rural and urban settings in Canada. Their contributions explore the critical issues facing Native women as they rebuild and revive their communities.

Through topics such as the role of tradition, reclaiming identities and protecting Native children and the environment, they identify the restraints that shape their actions and the inspirations that feed their visions.The contributors address issues of youth, health and sexual identity; women's aging, sexuality and health; caring for children and adults living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; First Nations education and schooling; community-based activism on issues of prostitution and sex workers; and reclaiming cultural identity through art and music.

Table of Contents


Introduction: For the Betterment of Our Nations
Bonita Lawrence & Kim Anderson

Part I: Coming Home

Chapter 1: Where the Spirits Live: Women Rebuilding a Non-Status Mi'kmaq Community
Gertie Mai Muise

Chapter 2: The Drum Keeps Beating: Recovering a Mohawk Identity
Laura Schwager

Chapter 3: From the Stories that Women Tell: The Métis Women's Circle
Carole Leclair & Lynn Nicholson with Métis Elder Elize Hartley

Chapter 4: The Eagle Has Landed: Native Women, Leadership and Community Development
Sylvia Maracle

Chapter 5: Strong Spirit, Fractured Identity: An Ojibway Adoptee's Journey to Wholeness
Shandra Spears

Part II: Asking Questions

Chapter 6: Tribal Feminism Is a Drum Song
Rosanna Deerchild

Chapter 7: She No Speaks and Other Colonial Constructs of "The Traditional Woman"
Dawn Martin-Hill

Chapter 8: Approaching the Fourth Mountain: Native Women and the Ageing Process
Bonita Lawrence

Chapter 9: Arts and Letters Club: Two-Spirited Women Artists and Social Change
Nancy Cooper

Chapter 10: The Healing Power of Women's Voices
Zainab Amadahy

Chapter 11: Aboriginal Women's Action Network
Fay Blaney

Part III: Rebuilding Our Communities

Chapter 12: Vital Signs: reading Colonialism in Contemporary Adolescent Family Planning
Kim Anderson

Chapter 13: Creating a Community-Based School
Jean Knockwood

Chapter 14: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teachers Among Us
Rebecca Martell

Chapter 15: From Victims to Leaders: Activism against Violence towards Women
Cyndy Baskin

Chapter 16: The Truth About Us: Living in the Aftermath of the Ipperwash Crisis
Shelly E. Bressette

Chapter 17: Coming Full Circle: A Young Man's Perspective on Building Gender Equity in Aboriginal Communities
Carl Fernández

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