Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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680 pages
6 x 9 inches
January 1994
Print ISBN: 9780921627999


Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings is written by social work practitioners for colleagues in health care settings. It is aimed at teaching social workers how to survive in a rapidly changing health care system.

The text emphasizes the role of the social worker in a variety of health care settings with a variety of unique patient disease groups. From community health centres to hospitals and from cancer patients to Alzheimer's victims, this book brings together for the first time the special expertise of social work in responding to various health care needs.

One unique feature of this text is the emphasis on the potential for social work role development in each of the particular areas covered. With each article written in a standardized format, it is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate courses in schools of social work as well as for social work practitioners in the field and allied health professionals.

Table of Contents

Section I: An Overview of Social Work Roles in Health Care: A Case for Generalist Practice

Chapter 1. An Overview of Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings - Rebecca Erickson and Gerald Erickson

Chapter 2: Social Work Practice Roles in Health Care: Daring to be Different - Michael J. Holosko

Chapter 3: Insights About Social Work Field Placements in a Teaching Hospital: Preparation for Generalist Practice - Sonia Busca

Section II: Hospital-Based Practice

Chapter 4: Social Work Practice with Myocardial Infarction Patients and Families in an Acute Care Hospital - Joanne Sulman and Godelieve Vergaeghe

Chapter 5: Social Work Practice with Infertility Patients in an In Vitro Fertilization Program - Sima K. Needleman

Chapter 6: The Role of the Social Worker in the Realm of HIV Disease - Peter Quick

Chapter 7: Perinatal Social Work Practice - Catherine J. Cameron, Randee J. Moir and Marlene L. Rees-Newton

Chapter 8: Social Work Practice with Childhood Cancer - David W. Adams

Chapter 9: Social Work Practice with Paediatric Bereavement Patients - Michael Bull

Chapter 10: Social Work Practice in Family Centred Airway Management - Jean M. Lawrence

Chapter 11: Social Work Practice with Ventilator-Assisted Patients - Linda B. Fischer

Chapter 12: Social Work Practice in a Women's Health Care Centre - Deborah MacLean-Brine

Chapter 13: Social Work Practice with Domestic Violence in Hosptial Settings - Don Ebert and Shan Landry

Chapter 14: Social Work Practice in a Black Community-Based Teaching Hospital - Marvin D. Feit and Sheila D. Miller

Chapter 15: Social Work Practice in Hospital-Based Crisis Intervention - Robert J. Todd and Mary Webb

Chapter 16: Social Work Practice in Critical Care and Trauma Units - Irene Tiegs

Chapter 17: Social Work Practice with Plastic Surgery/Burn Patients -- Clifford N. Levy

Chapter 18: Social Work Practice in a Psychiatric Ambulatory Care Setting - Sherrill Hershberg and Craig M. Posner

Chapter 19: Social Work Practice with Institutionalized Frail Elderly - Len Fabiano and Ron Martyn

Chapter 20: Social Work Practice on a Geriatric Consultation Team - Bernice Wilson

Chapter 21: Social Work Practice in Geriatric Assessment Units - Patricia MacKenzie

Chapter 22: Social Work Practice in Hospice Care - Nina Millett Fish

Chapter 23: Social Work Practice in Palliative Care - Margaret R. Rodway and Judith Blythe

Chapter 24: Social Work Practice with Organ Transplant Patients - M. Jane Bright

Chapter 25: Social Work Practice with Chronic Pain Management - Mario Spiler

Chapter 26: Social Work Practice in a Multi-disciplinary Physical Rehabilitation Setting - Carolynn Campbell, Zora Jackson and Libusa Jeglic

Chapter 27: Discharge Planning and the Role of the Social Worker - Mary Ciotti and Susan Watt

Chapter 28: Discharging Patients from an Acute Care Hospital - Margaret A. Dimond and Theresa Jansen-Santos

Section III: Community-Based Practice

Chapter 29: Social Work Practice with Family caregivers of Frail Older Persons - Ronald W. Toseland and Charles M. Rossiter

Chapter 30: Social Work Practice with Head Injured Persons - Sabine Huege and Michael J. Holosko

Chapter 31: Social Work Practice with Military Personnel in a Health Care Setting - Marvin D. Feit and Raymond D. McCoy

Chapter 32: Social Work Practice with Community-Based Dementia Care - Roberta Krakoff and Lucy Esralew

Chapter 33: Social Work Practice in a Community-Based Substance Abuse Program - Marvin D. Feit and Terence Mayes

Chapter 34: Social Work Practice in a Therapeutic Community Context - Neal Ruton and Tracey Foreman

Chapter 35: Community Social Work Practice: Health Promotion in Action - Judith Dunlop and Michael J. Holosko

Section IV: Postscript

Chapter 36: New Wave Social Work: Practice Roles for the 2990s and Beyond - Patricia A. Taylor


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