Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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248 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2007
Print ISBN: 9781551303345


In recent years, several developments have stimulated new ways of thinking about the social worker's "self" or "selves" in all aspects of practice. The focus on practice with diverse populations, and the emphasis on "anti-oppressive" practice have highlighted elements of the relationship between social worker and client.

The objective of this book is threefold:

1. Offer the reader a historical/developmental overview of the concept of "use of self" and critically explore its adequacy for contemporary ethical practice.

2. Provide the reader with first-person, practitioners' accounts of their own "use of self" in examples of reflective practice approaches.

3. Broaden the scope of the concept of critical "use of self" to fields of service where it is under-theorized in, for example, community work and corrections.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Deena Mandell
Introducing the Contributors

Chapter 1: Use of Self: Contexts and Dimensions - Deena Mandell

Chapter 2: Self as Subjectivity: Toward a Use of Self as Respectful Relations of Recognition - Amy Rossiter

Chapter 3: The Mo-Hebrew Conundrum: How Anti-Semitism in the Aboriginal Community Changed My Professional and Personal Identity as a Social Worker - Jeff D'Hondt

Chapter 4: Structuring Social Work Use of Self - Jill Grant

Chapter 5: Power and Status Contradictions - Paul Morrel

Chapter 6: Encounters in Social Work Practice - Martha Kuwee Kumsa

Chapter 7: Hope Has Two Daughters: Critical Practice within a Women's Prison - Shoshana Pollack

Chapter 8: Managing Paradox in the Use of Self: The Case of Family Group Conferencing - Jeannette Schmid

Chapter 9: On the Merits of Psychological Autopsies: Why Reflexive Use of Self Is Important for Community Social Work Practitioners - Ginette Lafreniere

Chapter 10: "In and Against" the Community: Use of Self in Community Organizing - Eric Shragge

Chapter 11: Accomplishing Professional Self - Gerald de Montigny

Chapter 12: Ethical Use of the Self: The Complexity of Multiple Selves in Clinical Practice - Merlinda Weinberg


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