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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
400 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
January 2012
Print ISBN: 9781551304069


This text offers an outstanding selection of readings that represent an overview of the key issues in the sociology of religion from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Masterfully planned and united by clearly articulated themes, the second edition moves through three thematic cornerstones: contexts, identities, and strategies. Recurring sub-themes include the definition of religion, the secularization debate, the challenge of diversity, and the gendered aspects of religious experience. Key additions to this edition include a discussion on cultural diversity, an exploration of religion and sexuality, and a thorough historical overview of religion in Canada.

Table of Contents


Part I: Contexts
Chapter 1: Religion in Canada: Its Development and Contemporary Situation – Roger O’Toole
Chapter 2: From Far and Wide: Canadian Religious and Cultural Diversity in Global Local Context – Peter Beyer
Chapter 3: Dimorphs and Cobblers: Ways of being Religious in Canada – William Closson James
Chapter 4: Sanctuaires catholique au Quebec – Solange Lefebvre
Chapter 5: Is there a ‘Renaissance’ or Religion in Canada? A Critical look at Bibby and beyond – Joel Thiessen and Lorne L. Dawson
Chapter 6: Suburban Muslims: 2004 Debates Outside Toronto and Paris – Jennifer Selby

Part II: Identities
Chapter 7: It’s All About Sex: The Opposition of some Canadian Churches to Gay and Lesbian Marriages – Pamela Dickey Young
Chapter 8: Still Separated from the Mainstream: A Hassidic Community Revisited – William Shaffir
Chapter 9: Transforming Pentecostalism: the Migration of Pentecostals to Canada – Michael Wilkinson
Chapter 10: More Than Clothing: Veiling as an Adaptive Strategy – Homa Hoodfar
Chapter 11: ‘A Religion Without Converts’ Revisited: Individuals, Identity and Community in Contemporary Paganism – Sian Reid
Chapter 12: Aboriginal Spirituality and the Legal Construction of Freedom of Religion – Lori G. Beaman
Chapter 13: One-dimensional rage: the social epistemology of the new atheism and Fundamentalism – William A. Stahl

Part III: Strategies
Chapter 14: A Letter to Students – Rubina Ramji
Chapter 15: Christianity and the Experience of Domestic Violence: What does faith have to do with it? – Nancy Nason-Clark
Chapter 16: Religion and Public Policy in Canada: An Itinerary – Paul Bramadat
Chapter 17: Education, Multiculturalism, and Religion – David Seljak
Chapter 18: Caught up in Cult Wars: Confessions of a Canadian Researcher – Susan J. Palmer
Chapter 19: The Revolution of Evolution – Heather Eaton
Chapter 20: Online Religion in Canada – Christopher Helland


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