Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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244 pages
6 x 9 inches
April 2005
Print ISBN: 9781551302737


In Race in Play, James takes the reader on an edifying walk through the structural and institutional communities that support and sustain sports, while also examining individual links between sport, schooling, and the educational and career aspirations of youth.

He also explores issues of race, racialized minority youth, and Black men and women in sport.

Well known for his work in the sociology of sport, Dr. James builds on his earlier research, casting his gaze on the lived experiences of athletic-identified students and on the outcomes of their athletic and academic performances.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Race, Sports, and Schooling
The Background to My Questions
Multiculturalism, Minority Students, Athletic Participation, and Education
Organization of the Book

Chapter 1: "That’s Why I Come to School": The Significance of Sports to the High School Plans of Grade Eight Students
Sports and the Educational and Career/Occupational Plans of Black Students
Our Study of Westville Middle School Student-Athletes
The High School Plans and Aspirations of Westville Middle School Students
The Significance of Sports and Athletic Activities to the Plans and Aspirations of Students
Parental Role and Influence in the High School Plans and Educational Aspirations of Students
Conclusion: Making the Transition from Middle School to High School

Chapter 2: Race and the Social/Cultural Worlds of Student-Athletes
Race and Sports Participation: Who Plays What and Why?
The Social and Cultural World of Young Basketball Players
Experiences of Minority Athletes in Hockey: A Sport "Central to Mainstream Life"

Chapter 3: The Long Shots: Going South on Basketball Tickets
Black Student-Athletes and their Dream of Going South
The Toronto Star Players of 2003
The Study of Five Student-Athletes
Basketball, Education, and Scholarship Opportunities
Importance of Exposure: "You Can’t Just Sit Back and Expect Scouts to Come Watch for You"
The Role of Coaches and Teachers
Parental Support and Scholarship Aspirations
A Reading of the Student-Athletes’ Perceptions and Scholarship Aspirations
Conclusion: Scholarship Aspirations and the Desire to "Go South"

Chapter 4: The Gendered Experiences of Female Students in Sports, with Special Reference to Alicia
Gender, Sports, Schooling, and the Situation of Young Minority Female Students
Achieving the Dream: Alicia’s Story

Chapter 5: Set Dreams, Failed Plans, Frustrated Transitions, and Lessons
The Participants

Chapter 6: Teaching Athletes/Coaching Students: On the Role of Coaches
Student-Athletes’ Perspectives of Coaches: Friends, Father-Figures, and Sponsors
Coaches’ Perspectives and Their Roles in the Lives of Student-Athletes
The High Cost of Winning: "My Job Is to Tell Them That You’re Not Going Anywhere"
Conclusion: "Sports Is Such an Effective Tool For Teachers and Students Alike"

Chapter 7: Parental Concerns, Athletic Participation and Academic Attainment
The Concern: Ensuring the Academic Success of Racialized Students
Getting beyond the Concerns: Athletics Can be Complementary to Academics
Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Academic Attainment of Marginalized Student-Athletes

Conclusion: Toward More Inclusive Schooling for Student-Athletes


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