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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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400 pages
7 x 10 inches
May 2006
Print ISBN: 9781551303024


Moral Regulation and Governance in Canada offers an outstanding selection of readings that represents an overview of the key issues in deviance, moral regulation, and governance in Canada from a distinctly Canadian perspective. It effectively tracks the sociology of deviance, from governmentality studies to theories of social control. Of particular note is the focus this book gives to gender issues. It also argues that sometimes what is considered deviant is less related to criminality and more concerned with the perception of normalcy.

Table of Contents


Part I: Moral Regulation: Genealogy of a Concept
Chapter 1: Social Control: Analytic Tool or Analytic Quagmire?, Dorothy E. Chunn and Shelley A. M. Gavigan
Chapter 2: Introduction to Regulating Girls and Women, Joan Sangster
Chapter 3: On Moral Regulation: Some Preliminary Remarks, Philip Corrigan
Chapter 4: The Struggles of the Immoral: Preliminary Remarks on Moral Regulation, Mariana Valverde and Lorna Weir
Chapter 5: The Creation of Homosexuality as a “Social Problem,” Gary Kinsman
Chapter 6: Introduction to The Age of Light, Soap, and Water, Mariana Valverde

Part II: Studying Moral Regulation: Putting a Concept to Work
Chapter 7: Regulating the “Respectable” Classes: Venereal Disease, Gender, and Public Health Initiatives in Canada, 1914-35, Renisa Mawani
Chapter 8: Recipes for Democracy? Gender, Family, and Making Female Citizens in Cold War Canada, Franca Iacovetta
Chapter 9: Incarcerating “Bad Girls”: The Regulation of Sexuality through the Female Refuges Act in Ontario, 1920-1945, Joan Sangster
Chapter 10: “Manhunts and Bingoblabs”: The Moral Regulation of Ontario Single Mothers, Margaret Hillyard Little
Chapter 11: Almost Anything Can Happen: A Search for Sexual Discourse in the Urban Spaces of 1940s Toronto, Mary Louise Adams
Chapter 12: The Space of Africville: Creating, Regulating, and Remembering the Urban “Slum,” Jennifer J. Nelson

Part III: The Limits of Moral Regulation and Beyond
Chapter 13: “A Social Structure of Many Souls”: Moral Regulation, Government, and Self-Formation, Mitchell Dean
Chapter 14: The Power of Powerlessness: Alcoholics Anonymous’s Techniques for Governing the Self, Mariana Valverde
Chapter 15: Welfare Law, Welfare Fraud, and the Moral Regulation of the “Never Deserving” Poor, Dorothy E. Chunn and Shelley A. M. Gavigan
Chapter 16: “Governmentality” and the Problem of Crime: Foucault, Criminology, Sociology, David Garland


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