Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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325 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
June 2011
Print ISBN: 9781551303901


Some say mental illness is the last great stigma remaining in our communities. This book is a collection of twenty articles written by researchers, scholars, practitioners of nursing, social work, and community health, and survivors of mental illness and homelessness. Each piece speaks to a specific aspect of the linkages among housing/homelessness, poverty, and mental illness, interconnections that are complex and challenging to understand but essential to our addressing the problems.

Chapters include:

  • The soul-destroying search for adequate housing for family members who are mental health survivors
  • The impact of de-institutionalization in and the gaps left in services for mental health survivors
  • Myths of mental illness and how they affect the popular stigma attached to survivors

Table of Contents



1. Creating a Process of Inquiry and Change
Cheryl Forchuk, Rick Csiernik, and Elsabeth Jensen

2. Methodologies Employed
Cheryl Forchuk, Rick Csiernik, Elsabeth Jensen, and Heather Atyeo



3. Housing, Income Support, and Mental Health: Points of Disconnection
Cheryl Forchuk, Ruth Schofield, Libbey Joplin, Rick Csiernik, Carolyne Gorlick, and Katherine Turner

4. Surviving the Tornado: Mental Health Consumer-Survivor Experiences of Getting, Losing, and Keeping Housing
Cheryl Forchuk, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Rick Csiernik, and Katherine Turner

5. Families Caring for Members with Mental Illness: A Vicious Cycle
Catherine Ward-Griffin, Ruth Schofield, Sandra Vos, and Robin Coatsworth-Puspoky

6. De-"Myth"-ifying Mental Health
Rick Csiernik, Cheryl Forchuk, Mark Speechley, and Catherine Ward-Griffin

7. "It's Important to Be Proud of the Place You Live in": Housing Problems and Preferences of Mental Health Consumer-Survivors
Cheryl Forchuk, Geoffrey Nelson, and G. Brent Hall

8. Current and Preferred Housing of Mental Health Consumer-Survivors
Geoffrey Nelson, G. Brent Hall, and Cheryl Forchuk



9. Perceptions of Health and Health Service Utilization among Homeless and Housed Mental Health Consumer-Survivors
Ruth Schofield, Cheryl Forchuk, Elsabeth Jensen, and Stephanie Brown

10. Homelessness and Health in Adolescents
Amy Haldenby, Helene Berman, and Cheryl Forchuk

11. From Psychiatric Ward to the Streets and Shelters
Cheryl Forchuk, Gord Russell, Shani Kingston-MacClure, Katherine Turner, and Susan Dill

12. An Intervention to Prevent Homelessness among Individuals Discharged from Psychiatric Wards to Shelters and "No Fixed Address"
Cheryl Forchuk, Shani Kingston-MacClure, Michele Van Beers, Cheryl Smith, Rick Csiernik, Jeffrey S. Hoch, and Elsabeth Jensen

13. Using Electronic Patient Records in Mental Health Care to Capture Housing and Homelessness Information of Mental Health Consumer-Survivors
Richard G. Booth



14. The Changing Face of Diversity in the Context of Homelessness
Helen Berman, Carolyne Gorlick, Rick Csiernik, Susan L. Ray, Cheryl Forchuk, Elsabeth Jensen, and Fatmeh Al Zoubi

15. Gaining Ground, Losing Ground: The Paradoxes of Rural Homelessness
Cheryl Forchuk, Phyllis Montgomery, Helene Berman, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Rick Csiernik, Carolyne Gorlick, Elsabeth Jensen, and Patrick Riesterer

16. Exploring Differences between Community-Based Women and Men with a History of Mental Illness
Cheryl Forchuk, Elsabeth Jensen, Rick Csiernik, Catherine Ward-Griffin, Susan L. Ray, Phyllis Montgomery, and Linda Wan

17. Uprooted and Displaced: A Critical Narrative Study of Homeless, Aboriginal, and Newcomer Girls in Canada
Helen Berman, Gloria Alvernaz Mulachy, Cheryl Forchuk, Kathy Edmunds, Amy Haldenby, and Raquel Lopez

18. Is Substance Abuse Even an Issue? Perceptions of Male and Female Community-Based Mental Health System Consumer-Survivors
Rick Csiernik



19. Margaret's Haven: The Story and the Process
Elsabeth Jensen, Cheryl Forchuk, Rick Csiernik, Katherine Turner, and Pamela McKane

20. Why Should Communities Be Involved in Research?
Cheryl Forchuk

Appendix A: Glossary of Housing Terms
Cheryl Forchuk, Pamela McKane, Jim Molineux, Ruth Shofield, and Rick Csiernik

Appendix B: CURA Fact Sheets

List of Contributing Authors
Copyright Acknowledgments


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