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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
498 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
November 2017
Print ISBN: 9781773380063


Now in its fourth edition, Health Promotion in Canada offers a comprehensive profile of the history, current status, and future of health promotion in Canada. Emphasizing the links between theory, research, policy, and practice, this engaging volume draws on concrete Canadian examples that bring theory to life.

The new edition maintains the critical approach of the previous three editions while providing an in-depth analysis of recent innovative approaches in health promotion. Thoroughly updated with 15 new chapters, this edited collection contains contributions by prominent Canadian academics, researchers, and practitioners as well as an afterword by Ronald Labonté. The contributors cover a broad range of topics including inequities in health, Indigenous communities, immigrants, mental health, violence against women, ecological change, and globalization. Featuring learning objectives, thought-provoking discussion questions, resources for further study, and an accompanying instructor’s manual, this is an ideal text for courses in public health, health education, health sciences, nursing, and related disciplines.


  • discusses promising health promotion practices in Indigenous communities
  • includes an afterword by Ronald Labonté
  • incorporates thought-provoking reflections on practice and new learning objectives

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fourth Edition


Chapter 1 The Continuing Evolution of Health Promotion in Canada
Ann Pederson, Irving Rootman, Katherine L. Frohlich, Sophie Dupéré, and Michel O’Neill

Chapter 2 Key Concepts in Health Promotion
Irving Rootman and Michel O’Neill

Chapter 3 Social Theory and Health Promotion
Simon Carroll

Chapter 4 Behavioural Theories and Building Health Promotion Interventions: Persistent Challenges and Emerging Perspectives
Lise Gauvin and Ariane Bélanger-Gravel

Chapter 5 Building and Implementing Ecological Health Promotion Interventions
Lucie Richard and Lise Gauvin


Chapter 6 Contrasting Entry Points for Intervention in Health Promotion Practice: Situating and Working with Context
Katherine L. Frohlich, Blake Poland, and Martine Shareck

Chapter 7 Gender-Transformative Health Promotion as an Approach to Addressing Violence against Women
Ann Pederson

Chapter 8 Implications of Inequities in Health for Health Promotion Practice
Dennis Raphael

Chapter 9 A Culture Shift towards Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Canada
Paola Ardiles

Chapter 10 Promising Practices in Indigenous Community Health Promotion
Charlotte Loppie

Chapter 11 No One Should Be Left Behind: Identifying Appropriate Health Promotion Practices for Immigrants
Mushira Mohsin Khan and Karen Kobayashi

Chapter 12 Healthy Cities and Communities: Urban Governance for Health and Wellbeing
Trevor Hancock

Chapter 13 Promoting Educational Success, Health, and Human Development within Education: Making the Shift to a Systems Approach
Douglas McCall and Daniel Laitsch

Chapter 14 Health Promoting Universities: Shifting from Health Education to Social Innovation
Paola Ardiles, Crystal Hutchinson, Alisa Stanton, Rosie Dhaliwal, Michelle Aslan, and Tara Black

Chapter 15 Health Promotion in Clinical Care
Katherine Bertoni and Geneviève Dubé

Chapter 16 Digital Media and Health Promotion Practice
Laura L. Struik, Rebecca J. Haines-Saah, and Joan L. Bottorff


Chapter 17 The Reflexive Practitioner in Health Promotion: From Reflection to Reflexivity
Marie Boutilier and Robin Mason

Chapter 18 Health in All Policies
Ketan Shankardass, Natalie Hemsing, and Lorraine Greaves

Chapter 19 Developing a Health Promotion Research Agenda: Learning from Population Health Intervention Research
Louise Potvin

Chapter 20 Health Promotion Ethics
Rodney Knight and Jean Shoveller

Chapter 21 Participatory Practice and Health Promotion in Canada
Jane Springett and Jeff Masuda

Chapter 22 Population Health Promotion in the Anthropocene
Trevor Hancock

Chapter 23 Globalization: The Perils and Possibilities for an Equitable Health Promotion
Ronald Labonté

Chapter 24 Reflections on the Future of Health Promotion in Canada
Ann Pederson, Irving Rootman, Katherine L. Frohlich, and Sophie Dupéré

Afterword To Go Much More Boldly Where We Have Gone Before
Ronald Labonté

About the Contributors
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