Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Raby, Rebecca
The Sociology of Childhood and Youth in Canada
Radforth, Ian
Canadian Working-Class History, Third Edition
Raj, Rupert
Trans Activism in Canada
Rajiva, Mythili
Reena Virk
Ranahan, Patti
Introduction to Mental Health for Child and Youth Care
Randall, Lynn
Social Justice in Physical Education
Rao, Asha
The Role of an Education Assistant
Raphael, Dennis
Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada, Immigration, Public Policy, and Health, Poverty in Canada, Third Edition, Social Determinants of Health, Third Edition, Staying Alive, Third Edition, Tackling Health Inequalities, The Politics of Health in the Canadian Welfare State
Ray, Susan L.
Perspectives canadiennes de la pratique infirmière avancée
Rayter, Scott
Queerly Canadian, Queerly Canadian, Second Edition
Read, Robyn
Comparative and International Education, Second Edition
Reaume, Geoffrey
Mad Matters
Reddon, John R.
Police Response to Mental Health in Canada
Reid, Sian
Between the Worlds
Reid-Maroney, Nina
Women in the "Promised Land"
Renaud, Simone
En super forme
Restoule, Jean-Paul
Indigenous Research
Rice, Carla
Gender and Women's Studies, Second Edition
Rioux, Marcia
Disability, Rights Monitoring, and Social Change, Staying Alive, Third Edition
Robertson, Angela
Scratching the Surface
Robinson, Daniel B.
Social Justice in Physical Education
Robinson, Jason C.
Foundations of Education
Rochon Ford, Anne
The Push to Prescribe
Roe, Steven C.
Academic Writing, Third Edition
Rootman, Irving
Health Promotion in Canada, Fourth Edition, Promoting the Health of Older Adults
Rose, Ellen
On Reflection
Rosenberg, Sharon
Troubling Women's Studies
Ross, Lynda R.
Feminist Counselling
Rothwell, Melissa
The Mentors Among Us
Rowe, William S.
Responding to the Oppression of Addiction, Third Edition
Rundle, Lisa Bryn
Turbo Chicks
Runnels, Vivien
Population Health in Canada
Ruth, Elizabeth
Bent on Writing